Afghanistan - Afghanistan Afghanistan. The name is on...

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Afghanistan Afghanistan. The name is on everyone’s mouth. Everyone knows one of the settings of The War on Terror , the Taliban and the hijinks of Islamic fundamentalists. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, the most recent events of a long history of conflicts for a land that has been perpetually in conflict. Being right where Middle East meets Central Asia meets the Indian subcontinent, the land has been influenced by all kinds of society. Before the arrival of Islam the land was used as a route connecting said areas; as a result of that it ended with a mix of Buddhist, Hinduist and Zoroastrianist culture (in fact, some believe the Zoroastrianism originated here). However, its location as a bridge between cultures made Afghanistan a target for anybody who wanted to expand his empire, like Alexander The Great, the Muslims and the Mongols. Afghanistan as a state only came to being in the early 18th century (it was the core of the Durrani Empire ) and was far larger than it is now. The next century it became a part of the British Empire. The British, watching the Russian Empire’s grabbing of Central Asia, decided to use the country as a plug to stop Russia from reaching India (a competition later called “The Great Game”, though one doubts the Afghan population was having fun with it). The country became independent in 1919 under the Shah Mahammed Zahir, but it was still supervised by the British. The Shah tried to improve the situation of the country, but some of his politics weren’t well- received by the more conservative factions (including the tribes). As a result of that, a series of coups and countercoups ensued, ending with a communist government in power. The more religiously conservative factions (including a lot of fundamentalists) tried to topple the new government, prompting the Soviet Invasion Of Afghanistan in 1979 and receiving what
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Afghanistan - Afghanistan Afghanistan. The name is on...

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