Argentina - Argentina One of the world's southernmost...

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Argentina One of the world's southernmost countries, Argentina is one of the countries with a sun on its flag. For some time a strong ally of the USA, it has been less of one in recent years. At the global level, the most notable recent event in Argentina was the 1982 war over what the Argentines call Islas Malvinas . The British call them the Falkland Islands. The British won handily, which put an end to the last desperate attempt by the military junta, that had seized power after Peron's death, to stay in power. This final blow helped reestablish democracy the next year. .. which still has never assuaged the Argentinians' feelings of humiliation about the
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loss. (It is worth noting however that the Falklands dispute is very much the exception to the rule; for most of Argentina's history since independence, Argentina was one of the most friendly South American countries with Britain). The current President, Cristina Elizabeth Fernández de Kirchner, is Argentina's second female President (although the first one elected as such) and directly succeeded her (now late) husband. She was reelected with an overwhelming majority of the votes. At the national level, the country has been on an endless economic roller coaster ever since The Great Depression started a cycle of catastrophic busts and phenomenal booms, mixed with a healthy share of coup d'états. The overall effect is that growth per capita has stagnated since WWII, making Argentina something of a conundrum to economists. The XX century was for Argentina a very difficult time; it ranged from various dictatorships, to
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Argentina - Argentina One of the world's southernmost...

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