Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, like neighbouring...

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Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, like neighbouring Armenia, is one of the clutch of former Soviet republics in the Caucasus region, where Russia and Turkey meet. "Where Russia and Turkey" meet applies well to the country, as it has long been under Russian rule, but speaks a language which is very close to Turkish. This can be seen in names like Aliyev ("Ali"-"ev", a typical Middle Eastern name with a Russian suffix). The country is mostly Shia Muslim, but the state, like Turkey, is strictly secular. The people of Azerbaijan themselves are a mixture of Turkish, Caucasian Albanian and Iranian, and their nomadic ancestors came into the region from Central Asia along with the Turks in the 1200's; before the founding of Azerbaijan the Azeris were commonly referred to as Azerbaijani or Caucasian Tartars. The area has been conquered by several different empires over the course of the last several thousands of years. Azeri national identity has emerged in the 18th century as local rulers obtained autonomy from Iranian shahs and solidified in the 19th century under Russian rule and in the 20th century under independent Azerbaijani Democratic Republic and later Soviet Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan's foreign relations are dominated by the result of the 1992-1994 Nagorno-Karabakh
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Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, like neighbouring...

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