Bangladesh - Bangladesh The country that inspired the...

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Unformatted text preview: Bangladesh The country that inspired the Concert For Bangla Desh . The reasons for this concert were less cool than the concert, though. Bangladesh (Harrison wrote it separately since that was how it was spelt at the time, but it’s only one word) can be seen as the Woobie of the region and rightly so, having endured some of the worst stuff nature and humanity has to throw to us. Initially part of India, it was partitioned along with the northwestern provinces of British India to become Pakistan because of religious differences with the rest of the subcontinent. Bangladesh became East Pakistan, separated geographically from West Pakistan by… all of India. This awkward federation was off to a bad start from the beginning when West Pakistan imposed Urdu as the only official language of Pakistan, which irked the Bengali-speaking population of East Pakistan, who were also the most populous ethnic group of all within the two Pakistans. Not only that, but all the political, martial, and economic power was located in West Pakistan, leaving the eastern part powerless and relatively expendable, as was made clear in 1965 when Pakistan's then-dictator, Field Marshal Ayub Khan, declared that "the best defense of East Pakistan laid in...
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Bangladesh - Bangladesh The country that inspired the...

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