Brazil - Brazil's television is composed by five or six...

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Brazil's television is composed by five or six main open channels (cable TV is available for a fee, but lots of people pirate it). The most popular shows are daily soap operas, news, variety shows (run non-stop on weekends), football (soccer) matches (twice a week, at least), Jerry Springer clones and the occasional reality show. Popular presenters will often get two, three or four-hour weekly shows. Weekly serials in the popular American format are rare. Cartoons? Are seem as kid's stuff, but frequent in the mornings (sometimes with dubbed anime). Brazilian literature and cinema is practically devoid of the fantasy genre, and is mostly composed of dramas and comedies centered on one of Brazil's major cities (São Paulo , Rio de Janeiro, Salvador). Magical Realism is common, and very popular in soap operas. Also popular in soap operas are stereotyped versions of foreign countries for some extra exoticism in the plot. The climate is very varied. Most of its area is between the tropics, which means they don't have clearly set Equinoxes and Solstices. The northern half (area-wise) of the country can be roughly considered to be warm year-round. The southern half sees Winter and Summer only as a difference in temperature (and rainfall), as deciduous trees are an underwhelming minority of the everyday vegetation (even though most trees do look like deciduous trees - at summer, that is). Yearly temperature variation will usually not be much, and in South urban areas they usually vary by about 35°C (2°C~37°C). Sub-zero temperatures are extremely localized (in small towns) and brief, and flurries are even more so and very much newsworthy. Keep in mind this is a country with no mountains as we know them. Brazil is famous for: Its excellent football players. Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup five times, more often than any other country. o Pelé, which is know worldwide as the greatest football player ever, and was elected the "Athlete of the Century" by the International Olympic Committee in 1999, is Brazilian. Its beautiful seashores. Being that the country only has an eastern coast, it doesn't have as much shoreline as, say, the US - but almost all of its shoreline is beach, being as plate tectonics in the area are more or less dead and erosion has been working its magic on it for millions of years. Its beautiful women (who are known for their large, curvaceous ''bundas''
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Brazil - Brazil's television is composed by five or six...

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