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Canadian Histor5 - Canadian History 1829 With the death of...

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Canadian History 1829: With the death of Shanawdithit, the Beothuk people of Newfoundland become the first documented extinct people of the New Worlds. 1837: Rebellions against British rule occur in both Upper (Anglo-) and Lower (Franco-) Canada, in part for responsible government, that is essentially real democracy, at least by the standards of the time, and home rule. The Lower Canadian rebellion was far better organized, but both were crushed. However the rebels still eventually won in part because the Crown sent Lord Durham to figure out why the people didn't like British rule, and his report recommended the same "responsible government." His report is nevertheless thought of as an insult by Lower Canada, as it also recommended the prompt assimilation of the French, catholic Canadians into the English, protestant rest of Canada. February 10, 1841: The Act of Union, 1840, is ratified, united Upper and Lower Canada into a single province. They don't get the responsible government Lord Durham recommended until 1848.
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  • Winter '09
  • John A. Macdonald, responsible government, British North America, North America Act, A. Macdonald celebrates

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