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Canadian politics - Canadian politics Issues Besides the...

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Canadian politics Issues Besides the usual sorts of issues that surface in most countries' elections (the economy, taxes, foreign trade, defence, foreign affairs), health care and "national unity" are major issues in Canadian elections. Canada has a national health care system that is considered excellent but underfunded by the populace (and starting to show it in the form of long waiting times for certain procedures); figuring out how to pay for it is always a major point in any party's platform. The half-ton gorilla in recent Canadian politics has been "national unity." A minority of Quebecers want Quebec to leave Canada and become an independent country, while many non-separatist Quebecers believe in Quebec having rights to greater autonomy. There have been two referenda on independence, in 1980 and 1995, the first of which was defeated with 60% of the vote, and the second of which was defeated with 50.6% of the vote. The Parti Québécois keeps threatening to call another one, though they haven't had another term of office since 1995 with which to try. The other federal parties take various positions on how to respond to this, which frequently involve special concessions for Quebec. The environment has also become a hot topic (no pun intended) in recent years. The Liberals and the Green Party have put environmental regulations at the center of their platforms, the NDP also supports reforms, and the Conservatives are more cautious, but still interested in, at minimum, seeming like they care. However, since most of the
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Canadian politics - Canadian politics Issues Besides the...

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