Chile - Chile Chile is a very long and thin country in...

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Chile Chile is a very long and thin country in South America. It has one of the best life qualities and economic developments in Latin America* . Chile stretches from the Atacama desert to the Patagonia stopping just before Antarctica (although they do have a claim over a portion of the Antarctica, to the point they have one of the few Civilian settlement there, Villa las Estrellas). Probably the most well known landmark is Easter Island (Rapa Nui), ironically not too many people outside of Chile know is part of the country.
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When the Spaniards came to America in the 15th century, Chile was the last place they visited, because to reach it, they needed to cross the Atacama Desert, that is 50 times drier than the Death Valley , and for a long time Chile was known as a Spaniard´s grave. When they arrived, a war lasting over 300 years began between the Spaniards and the natives, particularly the Mapuche tribes. During this period, Chile became a Spanish colony, obtaining independence in 1818 after a war of independence against the royalists led by people like Bernardo O' Higgins , Manuel Rodriguez and Jose Miguel Carrera . Do NOT ask who was the best of them . Bernardo O'Higgins led the country until he was forced to abdicate in 1823. Then came 5 years of what is currently called "Ensayos Constitucionales" (Constitucional Attempts/Try-outs ), which includes governments that lasted six, five, and even three days. After that, and guided by Diego
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Chile - Chile Chile is a very long and thin country in...

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