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Cleveland Rocks "Now, I make fun of Cleveland because everybody makes fun of Cleveland. I mean, every country has one city that people make fun of. In Russia, we used to make fun of Cleveland." Yakov Smirnoff Known in some circles as "The Mistake By The Lake" or "The/Tha Land", Cleveland is the second-largest city in Ohio but has the largest metro area*, and the most cultural significance. It's often considered a Wretched Hive and a Place Worse Than Death , a joke that's been ongoing for years. Many recent polls and news articles only reinforce this image, as it was recently rated the most miserable city in America . It was also the original Trope Namer for Aliens In Cleveland , as the city is considered by many the image of mundane mediocrity (at best). Possibly the biggest reason why this goes unchallenged is because all but the most anal-retentive Clevelanders have a sense of humor about it; they'll tell you themselves how Cleveland is America's Butt Monkey . With the brutal winters, massive urban decay
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