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DFW Metroplex - DFW Metroplex The Dallas/Fort Worth...

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DFW Metroplex The Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area, most commonly known as "The Metroplex", "DFW", or the "Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex" (or, even more archaically, the Golden Triangle) is the Lone Star State 's largest metropolitan area, and the fourth largest in the USA. DFW sprang up along the diamond-shaped swath of land where I-35 splits into Eastern and Western corridors 35 miles south of the Oklahoma border, and continues a good 100 miles southward where the highway joins up again near Waco. Dallas and Ft. Worth have a population of 1.2 million and 750,000 people, respectively, and there are 10 cities within the Metroplex with a population greater than 100,000. Downtown Fort Worth The Federal Government designates the Metroplex as spanning 12 counties. The main four counties and cities are: Dallas County (Dallas): Obviously the most well known county, and is pretty much completely urban save for parts of the southeastern portion, though it probably won't stay like that for too long. Tarrant County (Fort Worth): Lies just west of Dallas, and known for a slightly more 'cowboy-ish' atmosphere... kind of. Stay in Fort Worth's older districts for that, because when you go further out it just looks like any other sprawled-out region. Denton County (Denton): Used to be where Metroplex residents went for a little "country atmosphere". That is still possible in the northern half, but the southern half is pretty much all urbanized at this point. Denton itself is significantly more liberal than the rest of the Metroplex and is sometimes referred to as 'Little Austin.' Collin County (McKinney): Pretty much the same as Denton County. McKinney is the only county seat in the heart of the Metroplex to not have public transit. The DART extends partway through Plano, the most populous city in the county. The other counties, with their respective county seats, are: Wise County (Decatur): There is not much to note about Wise County; it's mainly made up of farms and rural dwellers. Decatur, while pretty much a small town in its own right, is the most outlying northwestern suburb of Fort Worth. Parker County (Weatherford): A western county, it's a mix of suburban and rural. It's best known for the yearly Peach Festival... and not much else. Johnson County (Cleburne): Southern county, more mixed suburban and rural. The only outlying county of the Metroplex to have a real public transit agency (CleTran). Ellis County (Waxahachie): Another southern county. Helpful hint to newcomers and tourists: never, EVER pronounce the county seat as 'wax-a-HACH-ee'. It's 'WAHKS-a- hach-ee'.
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Rockwall County (Rockwall): Known for being the smallest county in Texas, lying just northeast of Dallas County, and being more sprawled out than a tired dog.
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