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Hindu Mythology Hindu Mythology is the mythology of both Ancient and Modern India, used as moral allegory to convey spiritual truths. There are as many myths in Hinduism as there are people, so it is impossible to describe every single one. Vedic Gods—the Devas —tend to be nature deities. There are strong parallels among the Vedic gods to the gods of Classical , Celtic , and Norse Mythology , as the Greeks, Romans, Celts, and ancient Germans shared a common ancestral mythology with the ancient Aryans of the Vedic Age. Indra is the leader of the Gods, and he controls lightning (he's considered to be roughly equivalent to Zeus/Jupiter and Thor). Varuna controls water (equivalent to Ouranos/Uranus and the Norse Ullr), Vayu controls the wind, and Surya is the god of the Sun (equivalent to the Classical Helios/Sol—whose attributes were later appropriated by Apollo—and the Norse/Germanic personification of the Sun, Sól). The Vedic Gods live in Heaven and continuously fight the Asuras, their evil cousins, to prevent
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