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Illinois Far South Side - often conflated with the South Side, this section of Chicago is more recently developed and, historically speaking, was largely working class. Its fortunes are tied to the factories around Lake Calumet and adjacent bodies of water. When South Side took a turn for the worse, this area was regarded as a preferable alternative, and many blacks of all economic levels were able to live comfortably here. Unfortunately, the Lake Calumet industrial region has been slowly but surely falling apart since the 1970s. The persistent pollution has only made things worse, and when public housing was demolished en masse on the South Side, many of the former residents headed for Far South Side's working class neighborhoods, bringing their criminal histories and rivalries with them. Although many communities are still holding on, others have taken the turn for the worse. Some of the more notable Far South Side neighborhoods include: Chatham - a middle-class enclave since the 1920s, it transitioned from a white majority to
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