Illinoi5 - Illinois North Side - a historically working...

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Illinois North Side - a historically working class area with a few wealthy enclaves here and there, it has recently seen some gentrification efforts on all sides. The wealthy neighborhoods are concentrated in the Near North Side - the city's original northern section that begins at Chicago River and ends at North Avenue. Some of the more notable neighborhoods include: Gold Coast - one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Chicago and, for a while, the only wealthy neighborhood in the Near North Side. It is made up of a peculiar mix of high- rises and small, yet expensive rowhouses (plus a few historic mansions here and there). Streeterville - established by Civil War veteran George Steeter on the landfill formed by the debris created during the Chicago Fire, it was an industrial neighborhood for much of its existence. In recent decades, it saw some very heavy-duty gentrification as high rises were built where warehouses and factories once stood - today, it is home to some of the most expensive real estate in Chicago. Cabrini-Green - a public housing complex infamous for its crime and poverty, it is currently undergoing slow and painful forced gentrification as the decaying public housing buildings are slowly being replaced by mixed-income housing. One of the more common Did Not Do the Research points when it comes to Chicago is placing Cabrini-
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Illinoi5 - Illinois North Side - a historically working...

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