Illinois - Illinois Far Northwest Side usually conflated...

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Illinois Far Northwest Side - usually conflated with either North Side or Northwest Side, this area is a mix of working-class and upper-class communities, many of which are indistinguishable from the suburbs. The population of the wealthy communities are largely well-paid white city workers who have to live in Chicago as part of their contracts, but would prefer to live in the suburbs. Notable neighborhoods include: Jefferson Park - a working-class neighborhood largely inhabited by Poles and Mexicans. Buses, commuter trains and an 'L' line converge near the middle, so the neighborhood gets lots of through traffic. o Also home to a large number of Police and Firefighter households. Sauganash - a neighborhood that's pretty much a suburb in everything but designation, it is home to most of the city workers mentioned above. Norwood Park - a former resort, this middle-to-upper class community is best known for being only Chicago neighborhood to favor Republicans in most elections. O'Hare - a blanket term for a community created when Chicago annexed a bunch of land in order to consolidate its claim over the recently built O'Hare Airport. Because the land was purchased by lots, its borders are very confusing. It is mostly made up of office
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Illinois - Illinois Far Northwest Side usually conflated...

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