In The Media - In The Media Generally there are only a few...

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In The Media Generally there are only a few stock Mexicans: The hopeful illegal immigrant looking for the American dream, The greasy illegal immigrant looking to lower property values The downtrodden villager who can't defend himself, The Spicy Latina with a whole lotta attitude and a big butt The tattooed drug dealer, the logical progression of the desperado, And the gang banger/kidnapper. Mexico itself is usually shown either as a dusty, dilapidated small town , an urban slum of a deathtrap, or a beautiful tropical resort hotel. Also, don't drink the water. (We make more money if you drink the Tequila.) (You do have very good food, though.) (Why thank you! Here, have a Concha! .) (OM NOM NOM NOM. Pan de dulce : provides 100% RDA of win.). Due to it's spicyness (see below) and perceived hygiene conditions, Mexican cuisine is often portrayed as inducing to extreme bowel movements . But is one of the best of the world. Tourism is an important source of revenue, regularly ranking among Mexico's top 5 moneymakers. Important touristic places include the clichéd to mexicans but impressing to foreigners Channels of Xochimilco, sort of our version of Venice but with cheaper prices and more colorful boats. Oh and the Mayan pyramids such as Chichen Itzá, shorter than the Egyptian ones but featuring nigh unbelievable architectural progress. Also, but don't expect any tour to take you there, you can find astoundingly poor mountain villages with Indians, starving to death and forgotten to the world. The slum village you seem in the movies can be found almost exactly
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In The Media - In The Media Generally there are only a few...

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