Indianapolis - Indianapolis Ah, Indy. the city everyone...

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Indianapolis Ah, Indy. .. the city everyone forgets except for a certain Sunday in May, during which the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race occurs. This is virtually the only time it will be mentioned in fiction, despite the fact that it is the second-most populous state capital in the US (behind Phoenix) and the second largest city in the Midwest (behind Chicago , and at least partly because Detroit 's downward spiral continued through the 2000s). And the Indianapolis Motor Speedway isn't technically in Indianapolis, it's in the suburb of Speedway, Indiana , an independent municipality within Indy's borders. Also known as the "Circle City" and the "Crossroads of America" (from its central location in the US Interstate Highway system) Indianapolis was founded in 1826 to serve as the capital of the newly recognized State of Indiana. Indy was an economic powerhouse by the early 20th century, especially in the automotive industry (one of the factors leading local entrepreneur Carl Fisher to create its famous Speedway) but came under the influence of the Ku Klux Klan during The Roaring Twenties . Though the Klan effectively took over the whole State of Indiana in the 1924 elections their power was thoroughly broken by 1931 after their leader was jailed and documents from his files resulted in the resignation of the mayor and five of the six city council members. Indy spent The Thirties as a center of American Isolationism and the city has done its best to forget about these periods ever since. Urban decay took over in the years after World War II as the economy gradually shifted from manufacturing to warehousing and logistics and downtown Indianapolis has only recently lost the last few decrepit, abandoned factories from its early days as an industrial center. Recently the
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Indianapolis - Indianapolis Ah, Indy. the city everyone...

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