Indonesi4 - Indonesia Popular tourist destinations include:...

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Indonesia Popular tourist destinations include: o Bali, the island east of Java that is easily more well-known than the country itself. It boasts beautiful beaches and various cultural attractions (most of the island is Hindu). However, it also has several cases of STD, so wear a condom! It was also the target of a 2002 bombing by the terrorist group Jamaah Islamiyah, which killed 200+ people, mostly Australian tourists. o Bunaken reefs, off the coast of Manado, north Sulawesi/Celebes. It's the only place other than Madagascar where the Coelacanth is found (discovered by foreigners in the nineties, locals call it "raja laut" (king of the sea)). Explosive fishing however has damaged the reefs. o Raja Ampat Islands, known for its rich coral reef ecosystems and possibly the richest in the world. o There's a boatload of other places that can be considered tourist attractions in Indonesia, even places that foreigners frequent yet locals thought little of. It is the place where Komodo Dragons live. And Orangutans. And Javanese rhinoceros. Indonesians love to boast about the country's biodiversity and natural resources, often claiming that they supply quite a lot of America's oil. Ironically, illegal logging is common in places like Sumatra and Kalimantan, and biodiversity as a whole has been taking a big hit for a while. Enough that some say that Indonesia no longer deserves the title "Emerald of the Equator". There was another hot spot in Indonesia: East Timor
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Indonesi4 - Indonesia Popular tourist destinations include:...

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