Indonesia - Indonesia The Caligula : Sukarno. Yes, Sukarno....

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Unformatted text preview: Indonesia The Caligula : Sukarno. Yes, Sukarno. While he led Indonesia to its independence and was blessed with massive charisma, he was a hopelessly inept ruler. While 60% of Indonesians were living in abject poverty, he refused any Western aid, picked needless fights with Malaysia and Britain, and towards the end of his rule, with inflation well into the triple digits and famine becoming a very real threat, blew state funds on gaudy monuments around Jakarta as his megolomania spiralled out of control. People forget that when Suharto overthrew him, most Indonesians supported the new order. o Perhaps one of the reason for his fall from grace is the loss of Mohammad Hatta as his vice-president. To this day, they are the most famous and considered the best president-vice president partnership, and for good reason. However, with Soekarno's increasing autocracy, Hatta felt his complaints to go back to democracy fell on deaf ears and resigns in 1956 when he can't stand it anymore. It is around this time that Soekarno starts spiraling out of control. Casanova : Soekarno. In his life, he had about 10 wives, some of them taken without bothering to divorce the previous one first . Even with having multiple wives more common and tolerated in those days, it's still a bit much....
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Indonesia - Indonesia The Caligula : Sukarno. Yes, Sukarno....

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