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Israel Note: This page discusses the modern incarnation of Israel. For ancient Israel, see The Bible and Useful Notes on the Ancient Near East . The undisputed world champion in geopolitical buzz per square kilometer of dirt. Israel is an Asian country whose population consists primarily of Jews and secondarily of Arabs, although other ethnic communities (notably Druze) are also present. It declared independence from the British Mandate of Palestine on May 14, 1948.
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Much of Israel's history has been dominated by armed conflict; previous peoples who laid claim to the area include the Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Sassanians, Byzantines, Arabs, Fatimids, Crusaders, Mamluks, and Turks. Also on that list, and also in charge since the modern state's foundation, are the Jews. Notably, in terms of territory, modern day Israel pales in comparison to its ancient counterpart under the rule of King David, but the current generation has far more pressing concerns than expansion. This in particular owes itself to the Arab Israeli Conflict , which is the result of the tragic fact that although the Jews were forced to leave a while ago, when they came back the place wasn't empty but rather occupied by what today you would call Palestinians (there is a whole lot of argument about whether you would have THEN called them Palestinians and just where the whole Palestinian national identity came from, but nobody would dispute that it exists today , so this is a nigh moot point). Their predicament, understandably, led to quite a bit of bitterness. What's more, the generation that was responsible for all of this taking place - like for instance the exact Israelis that were responsible for the precise situation that motivated the Palestinians to leave, however that was done (various records are obviously in conflict), and the exact Arabs who decided to declare war on Israel about three seconds after it was founded, are no longer alive. The Israelis and Palestinians of today have to live with this legacy, for better and for worse. All of this means that under the fundamental questions about the past of Israel and its right to exist and so forth bubbles a mutual boiling soup of self-righteousness and spite, and it is best not to dwell on it for fear of the Internet Backdraft to end all internet backdrafts. It's probably best to try to understand both sides, even if not excusing their behavior. Israel is in some respects a nation driven by the fear of Palestinians swarming into their homes on Syrian tanks declaring All Your Base Are Belong to Us , and stuff generally blowing up. In ensuring that this does not happen ever , Palestinians often find themselves screwed over, and this obviously does not inspire much bona fide what with the blockades and collateral damage and all; the guerrilla tactics used by the more offensive sort of Palestinian do not help matters. What the average person,
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Israel - Israel Note This page discusses the modern...

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