Jamaica - Jamaica Jamaica? No, it was her own decision. Now...

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Jamaica Jamaica? No, it was her own decision. .. Now that that bad joke is out of the way, let's discuss the country. It was discovered (or re - discovered) by Christopher Columbus on his second trip to the West indies in 1493. It was wrested from the Spaniards by the British in 1655 during Oliver Cromwell's administration, and was a British colony until its independence in 1962. It was one of the world's leading producers of sugar during the days of slavery, in its first 200 years of British rule; between 1820 and 1824, it produced up to 77,000 tons of sugar annually for export. Gave the world reggae, ska, mento, Bob Marley , Grace Jones, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Anthony Winkler , Oliver Samuels , Usain Bolt, the Twin Of Twins , Courtney Walsh, Brian Lara, Keith Arthurton (these three being members or past members of the West Indies cricket team), the Reggae Boyz football/soccer team, Rastafari, the "jerk" cooking style, Blue Mountain Coffee, its trademark beef patties, Red Stripe beer, bulla cakes, bammies, and its immediately recognizable patois dialect. Famous for its national fruit, ackee (although the fruit is actually originally native to West Africa ), and for the national dish of ackee and saltfish, the latter item being salted codfish. (Recipes for the dish can be found here .) Its national tree is the Blue Mahoe (used widely in cabinet-making, furniture-building and wood carvings); its national flower is the Lignum Vitae (used to treat coughs and arthritis, and also brewed into a kind of tea, and its wood is used to make a variety of items); and its national bird is Red-Billed Streamertail hummingbird (nicknamed the "Doctor Bird" and featured in the James Bond story For Your Eyes Only ). Also famous (or infamous) for being the site of the piracy capitol of the 17th century, Port Royal
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Jamaica - Jamaica Jamaica? No, it was her own decision. Now...

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