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Kaiju Defense Force The Japanese Military is technically not a military, it's a "Self-Defense Force", hence its abbreviation: JSDF (Japan Self Defense Force). Also known as the Jieitai (自自自), it is split into three branches: Ground, Maritime (Navy) and Air. According to The Other Wiki , the JSDF's main policies are: Maintaining an exclusive defense oriented policy. To avoid becoming a major military power that might pose a threat to the world. Refraining from the development of nuclear weapons, and to refuse to allow nuclear weapons inside Japanese territory. Ensuring civilian control of the military. Maintaining security arrangements with the United States. Building up defensive capabilities within moderate limits. Much of these policies arose from the aftermath of World War II and Imperial Japan . The Nuclear weapon policy especially is a reaction to the fact that Japan is the only nation to have ever been attacked with Nuclear Weapons. The JSDF is never officially referred to as a
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