Kazakhstan - Kazakhstan Kazakhstan is a huge country, in...

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Kazakhstan Kazakhstan is a huge country, in fact - bigger than all of Western Europe put together, and the ninth largest country in the world overall. It's pretty empty, though, with less than 15 people per square mile on average. The vast majority of Kazakhstan lies in Asia, but a small corner in the west is on the western bank of the Ural river, putting it in Europe. This is very important for the Kazakhs, as it entitles the country to participate in European projects, receive European funding and enter its football team in the more prestigous European competitions. Culturally it is unmistakeably Central Asia, however. .. During most of its history the land that is now Kazakhstan has been inhabited by nomadic tribes. Many tribes that invaded Europe, namely the Scythians, the Huns and the Mongols, passed through the Kazakh steppes first. The various tribes left their mark on the genetic and cultural portrait of the local population. By the 15th century the majority of modern Kazakhstan was inhabited by nomadic tribes who spoke a Turkic language with some Persian and Mongolian influences, believed in Sunni Islam (although not as devoutly as Middle-Easterners) and were ruled by an aristocracy that consisted almost entirely of Genghis Khan's patrilinear descendants. There were very few cities and they were mostly concentrated in the south, where there were fewer nomads. Some of these cities (e.g. Turkestan, Taraz and Shymkent) still exist. The Kazakh nation was born in mid-15th century, after several tribes led by Janibek Khan and Kerey Khan protested against the allegedly unjust rule of Abu'l-Khayr Khan and his Khanate of Nomadic Uzbeks (only partially related to modern Uzbeks). These tribes seceded from his Khanate, migrated away from his territory (they were nomads, so it was easy to do) and formed their own Kazakh Khanate that was divided into three Hordes, the Greater, the Middle and the Lesser. The Kazakhs fought a long war against Abu'l-Khayr and his heirs and eventually succeeded in conquering most of northern Central Asia and driving the Uzbeks to the south. However, the "federal government" of the Khanate was unable to reign in the three Hordes and
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Kazakhstan - Kazakhstan Kazakhstan is a huge country, in...

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