Lebanon - Lebanon The country with a tree on its flag....

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Lebanon The country with a tree on its flag. There's a reason for that. The tree is a Lebanese cedar, famous enough to be mentioned in The Bible . A lot . The Bible generally uses the tree and its wood as a metaphor for anything high-class or impressive, as well as writing about the actual cedars. Lebanon is one of the world's only two multiconfessional countries, with 17 official religions made up of various sects of the three monotheist faiths. However, it's unclear how many people follow what religion in the country; a full census has not been conducted since 1932. This is because the Lebanese Constitution divvies up power along religious lines, and the Christians— who were a slim majority in 1932—were outpaced by the Muslims in the decades that followed. Lebanon was under a French Mandate from the end of World War One until 1943, leaving a deep impression in language and culture - for the Lebanese mostly, but also for the French. If you ever see French people greet each other with kisses on the cheeks, that's a Lebanese tradition. On the other hand, even today, Lebanese dialects of Arabic contain strong traces of French, and French is officially a national language. Lebanese cooking is famous throughout the Middle East and beyond: hummus, falafel, tabbouleh, and pastries unrivaled in taste (although an Egyptian would dispute that for the falafel and Greeks would make a similar point about the baklava; Food is Serious Business ). An Egyptian restaurant opening abroad might call itself 'Lebanese' to get
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Lebanon - Lebanon The country with a tree on its flag....

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