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Malaysia Culture - Malaysia Culture Chinese and Islamic...

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Malaysia Culture Chinese and Islamic forms heavily influence Malaysian traditional music. The music is based largely around the gendang (drum), but includes other percussion instruments (some made of shells); the rebab , a bowed string instrument; the serunai , a double-reed oboe-like instrument; flutes, and trumpets. The country has a strong tradition of dance and dance dramas, some of Thai, Indian and Portuguese origin. In recent years, dikir barat has grown in popularity, and the government has begun to promote it as a national cultural icon. Other artistic forms were also shared with and influenced by neighbouring Indonesia, include wayang kulit (shadow puppet theatre), silat (a stylised martial art) and crafts such as batik , weaving, including the ceremonial cloth pua kumbu , and silver and brasswork. Malaysian politics is a mess of power-plays, murder, racism, and dirty dealing; the party currently in power, the Barisan Nasional (lit. "National Front"), is composed of the UMNO (United Malays National Organisation), the MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association), and the MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress), and has been in power since 1973, though in the March 2008 elections, opposition parties managed to gain legislature over five states. The Malaysian Prime Minister has always been from UMNO. While the ruling party is generally elected through elections, accusations of gerrymandering and ghost-voting have surfaced extremely frequently—
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Malaysia Culture - Malaysia Culture Chinese and Islamic...

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