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Malaysia Internet connection and censorship in Malaysia

Malaysia Internet connection and censorship in Malaysia -...

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Malaysia Internet connection and censorship in Malaysia Internet connection in the country varies widely, with the slowest speed still being 56k dial-up and the fastest speed being 100Mbps from Time Broadband FIOS which is only available to a handful of elite yokels in the "high class zones" (i.e. the Damansara Heights-Mont Kiara area). Currently there are two types of high-speed internet deployed in the country: Wi MAX (with providers punting up to 20Mbps), and FIOS (with speeds of up to 100Mbps). Tests for LTE is underway, but not expected to be deployed soon. The internet has also become the preferred method of watching TV—partially thanks to Astro's monopoly and arrogance, and partially due to the keenness of local terrestrial stations to screw shows over. As mentioned before three Pay-TV providers use IPTV set top boxes (with one more in the pipeline and Astro switching over to IPTV as well) and YouTube has pretty much become synonymous with TV for some. However, the fact that iPlayer, iView and Hulu blocks non-
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  • Winter '09
  • Internet censorship, Malaysia Internet connection, Time Broadband FIOS, Damansara Heights-Mont Kiara, high class zones

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