Malaysia Television and Television Censorship

Malaysia Television and Television Censorship - Malaysia...

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Malaysia Television and Television Censorship Free-to-air television broadcasts in Malaysia are basically duopolized by two entities: the government-owned Radio Televisyen Malaysia (lit. Radio Television Malaysia ), and Media Prima (previously known as System Televisyen Malaysia Berhad , literally "Television System Malaysia Ltd"). RTM transmits two channels over VHF, while Media Prima transmits four channels over UHF plus a simulcast of TV 3 over VHF. A third player which airs Muslim religious progamming, TV AL Hijrah, recently entered the market over UHF, but is not of interest to most people. People living to the south (up until the Malacca state border) can receive Singaporean TV, and those living to the north (Penang, Kelantan and north Pahang) can get Thai TV. This is of course unfair to those living in the central region, especially since the local TV stations are keen on screwing over anything good and let bad programming run on forever compared to their neighboring countries' counterparts. It should be noted that television ownership in Malaysia does not require a license; the requirement was abolished in 1994. Digital TV transition in the country is currently a mess. RTM has been dabbling in the European DVB-T standard since 2006 and currently carries a transmission on the 549Mhz, but the system has yet to officially launch. Media Prima was last seen trying to push for a competing TV system, the Chinese-created DMB-T. RTM was later seen also embracing DMB-T for mobile television and digital radio. To receive digital TV in the country, a DVB-T set top box or USB tuner is required. USB Tuners are widespread in the country at the moment, but set top boxes are hard to come by. One cannot use Windows Media Center to watch digital TV in the country as selecting "Malaysia" from the setup list disables any digital tuner completely; as a result, one has to use the software provided by the tuner card itself. RTM has two channels on digital that are
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Malaysia Television and Television Censorship - Malaysia...

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