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Miami "Welcome to Miami! ¡Bienvenido a Miami!" —"Welcome to Miami", by Will Smith You may wonder why we're quoting a Will Smith song. One, it's a song that one associates with the city ( CSI: Miami itself used it once). Two, it sums the bilingualism of the city pretty nicely. Miami is the most Latin city in the U.S.- with 66% plus of the residents speaking Spanish as their first language. 34% of the city's population are of Cuban descent (The majority of Cuban- Americans who have acquired citizenship vote Republican - many of them really don't like the Castro regime. Until retiring in 2009, the sole Latino Republican in the US Senate sat for Florida; another, Marco Rubio, was elected in 2010). Miami is another US media centre, especially for Spanish-language media. It's also known for music. Miami is felt to be an intrinsically cool city - MTV loves the place, it's associated with the whole US Spring Break tradition and the number of factual TV shows set there are quite a few. Not to
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