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ndians With Iglas - ndians With Iglas The Plane of...

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ndians With Iglas The Plane of Radiance. Cool!! The Indian military. India has fought a number of wars against Pakistan and China since independence in 1947 and generally acquitted itself pretty well. Much of India's military equipment is Soviet/Russian in origin (hence the "Iglas" in the title, the Igla being a Russian man-portable SAM), sometimes licence-built, with India continuing to buy mostly Russian today; this started with the Bangladesh Liberation War, where America armed Pakistan. India has been loaned Tu-142 "Bear" reconnaissance aircraft, has a version of the Su-30 and may get Tu-22M "Backfires" at some point in the future. It will soon get an Akula class SSN from the Russians, albeit without the long-range missiles due to the Russian Federation being a signatory to the Missile Technology Control Regime (a 34-country agreement barring the export of missiles with a range of 300km plus). It is also partnering with Russia on the FGFA , a derivative of the PAK FA (the Russian rival to the F-22). However, India, a non-aligned country during the Cold War (albeit slightly closer to Russia), also has plenty of equipment from the UK and France (including Mirage 2000s, Sea Harriers, and licence-built SEPECAT Jaguar attack aircraft) and has recently placed orders for C-130J Super Hercules transports and P-8I Poseidon maritime patrol planes from the United States. As (then) part of the British Empire, the Indian army fought alongside British, Canadians, and
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ndians With Iglas - ndians With Iglas The Plane of...

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