North Korea - North Korea Sealed Evil In A Country You...

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North Korea Sealed Evil In A Country You almost get the feeling that [Kim Il-Sung] was handed a copy of 1984 in Korean that year and asked, "Do you think we could make this work?" And he thought, "Well I don't know, but we can sure give it the old college try." Christopher Hitchens The Democratic People's Republic of Korea , far better known as North Korea, is a pseudo- socialist state in East Asia which controls much of the northern Korean peninsula. A highly isolationist and rigidly controlled society, it enjoys good relations with its powerful northern neighbour, the People's Republic of China * and comparatively terrible relations with its southern neighbour, the Republic of Korea * and basically everyone else. It also possesses one of the largest armies in the world, and holds the record for highest military spending as percentage of GDP — so much, that rather than a third-world country with a military, it can be better described as a military with a country. Generally featured in fiction as Acceptable Political Targets and a sort of Captain Ersatz for China, as both happen to be a) East Asian , and b) "communist" (while China itself is a major economic power with a growing media industry, and doesn't take too kindly to Yellow Peril portrayals). There have been some interesting non-fictional works made about the DPRK, such as propaganda films and documentaries from survivors of the regime. The late second North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Il was pretty much real-life Dr. Evil and actually a James Bond fan . (Except Die Another Day , obviously; ) He died in December 2011, with the announcement coming a couple of days after the fact, having reigned since his father's death in 1994. The Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement would stipulate we do not pothole this sentence to And There Was Much Rejoicing . North Korean state media announced that he will be succeeded by his youngest son, Kim Jong-un.
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The Real Life DPRK provides examples of: A Nazi by Any Other Name : The ideology of North Korea is a perverse form of racist nationalism, where they view themselves as the purest race on earth. The DPRK regime has more in common with Nazi Germany than it does with any so-called-communist dictatorship. The racism in the country is at an almost mind-boggling level—a black Cuban diplomat was almost lynched when he tried to show his family the sights of Pyongyang. The few North Korean women who return pregnant from China—the regime's main ally and protector —are forced to have abortions. o When a group of diplomats from the GDR traveled to the DPRK in the 1960s, they commented that the country resembled Nazi era Germany. Acceptable Nationality Targets : Thanks to the events of The Korean War , the country has pretty much elevated America-bashing to an art form. According to state propaganda, The United States is the Satan to the Kims' Holy Trinity and would love nothing more than to find an excuse to come back into the country and bomb it into oblivion. There are even
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North Korea - North Korea Sealed Evil In A Country You...

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