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Pakistan The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a nation in South Asia that was formed from the Muslim majority provinces of The Raj . At the time of its formation, it consisted of two halves separated by 2000 miles of India . The Eastern half eventually revolted and became Bangladesh, after which West Pakistan simply became Pakistan. Pakistan is nominally The Federation consisting of the four major provinces: Punjab Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa [KPK] Balochistan Sindh Two federally administered territories: Federally Administered Tribal Area [FATA] (of War On Terror fame) Islamabad Capital District And its two disputed holdings in the Kashmir Region (which are a cross between a protectorate, a puppet state, and a province): Azad Kashmir Gilgit-Baltistan The origin of Pakistanis With Panters Examples of the following Arch Enemy : India, ever since its founding (but even more so since India helped Bangladesh gain independence from Pakistan in a war in 1971). The never-ending Kashmir conflict ensures this will continue for some time. Boom Town : Karachi, Pakistan's Mega City / Merchant City and main port, is also one of the largest and fastest-growing in the world. Mind, prior to independence, the city was a relatively sleepy port town.
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The City Vs The Country : A big component of Sindhi politics, rightly or wrongly , thanks to the ethnic makeup within Karachi being vastly different from Sindh Province where it resides and the power dynamics between the two. Plays out more generally with the rest of Pakistan in terms of politics since, in the countryside, only the medievalesque
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Pakista1 - Pakistan The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a...

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