Paraguay - Paraguay Paraguay is a small(it used to be...

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Unformatted text preview: Paraguay Paraguay is a small (it used to be larger; keep reading to find out what happened), landlocked country in central South America, and is known for having an incredibly bloody history. Originally inhabited by semi-nomadic Guarani-natives, the Spanish moved in and colonized the area during the 16th Century. The Jesuits founded a number of missions in the area, and played a big part in the country's early history. Generally considered a backwater, not much happened until the Spanish were overthrown in 1811. It Got Worse . The first leader of an independent Paraguay was a peculiar fellow named Dr. Francia, though he preferred to be called El Supremo. Ruling as an absolute dictator, he instituted a number of changes. While brutal, some of them actually helped Paraguay later on. For instance, he forbade the remnants of the Spanish nobility from marrying other Spaniards. If they wanted to get hitched, it would have to be with one of the Guarani natives. This allowed Paraguay to avoid some of the racial tensions that troubled other nations in the Americas. Francia also confiscated church money and property, instituted draconian and isolationist economic protectionism, and...
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Paraguay - Paraguay Paraguay is a small(it used to be...

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