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Philippines Government - Philippines Government: The...

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Philippines Government: The Philippine government is modeled after the United States(well, justified because the US once colonized the Philippines prior to independence), and mirrors closely the latter's political system. Unlike in the US though, the vice president is elected separately, and the President is elected for a single six-year term to prevent abuse. Also, unlike the US, the Philippines had a unitary rather than a federal system of local government. The country is divided into 70+ provinces with governors elected by the populace. The country has a long history of political dynasties in all levels of government (the last two Presidents alone are children of previous Presidents). Many view the government as corrupt. However, remember that not all Filipino government officials are Obstructive Bureaucrats or corrupt. It's just many of them are too Ax Crazy or plain Smug Snake to hold office. Many however, blame the Martial Law period under Ferdinand Marcos . Also, politics tends to have a capital-rest of country cleavage, or "masa (read: poor people, stereotypically from the provinces) vs. Manila (read: the middle and upper class of Manila) ". The former tends to be more or less traditional, while the latter is seen as more progressive, and a source of the intelligentsia previously mentioned in the Religion section. This has led to a culture
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Philippines Government - Philippines Government: The...

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