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Philippines Media - Philippines Media Perhaps one of the...

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Philippines Media Perhaps one of the most well-known genres of Philippine media are its Soap Operas , which as a rule follow the Hispanic school of Telenovelas , and are usually shown in prime-time. In the early 2000s, fantasy-themed shows were on a upsurge, though their popularity faltered as the decade went on. the decade has also seen the rise in popularity of Taiwanese and Korean dramas (often translated to Filipino), the latter continuing to this day. The Philippines has a comic book scene which is largely influenced by American comic books. Its comic book industry is the oldest in South East Asia. During the '70s, the Philippines had one of the best-organized comic book industries in the world. So much so that there was a distinct 'Filipino comic book art style' that can be recognized by older comic fans. However, by 1985, about a third of upcoming artists were being imported by both Marvel and DC to the US that began gradual die out for the comic book industry. By the mid-1990s, comic books were replaced by cheap paperback novels as literature for the masses. One of the well known komiks characters is Darna created by Mars Ravelo. Darna has been nicknamed The Filipino Wonder Woman . One of the most popular comic books recently is
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Philippines Media - Philippines Media Perhaps one of the...

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