Phillinpines History

Phillinpines History - Phillinpines History The islands had...

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Phillinpines History The islands had cultural and trading links to East and the rest of Southeast Asia long before European colonization. Ferdinand Magellan discovered them for Spain in 1521 during his voyage of circumnavigation, but he was then killed in battle by one of the local chiefs (see below). Spanish colonization efforts began in earnest decades later, in 1565. The country was named after the Spanish monarch (then prince) Philip II. The Philippines was ruled as a part of New Spain until the Mexican Revolution. Through the centuries, the Spanish had to contend with Dutch and English designs on the country, and even the odd Chinese pirate warlord or two. The country also saw various revolts through the years, and the heavily Muslim Mindanao region in the south was never completely subjugated. Decades of unrest culminated in the Philippine Revolution of 1896 that led to independence being declared on June 12, 1898. The Spanish-American War complicated things, as the US joined the fight against Spain in 1898 but then annexed the islands from Spain that same year. The Filipinos now found themselves resisting new masters, but by the second decade of the 20th century things had quieted down (relatively). A Commonwealth was inaugurated in 1935 in order to prepare the country for full
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Phillinpines History - Phillinpines History The islands had...

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