Syria - continued crackdown on dissent and rejection of...

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Syria The Syrian Arab Republic is a state in the Middle East, bordering Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. Having spent most of its previous life under various empires, it became independent in its current form in 1946. Since 1963, it has been ruled by an authoritarian group of Ba'athists. Yes, that ideology, the same one as Saddam. The current President is Bashar al-Assad, son of the previous ruler. Syria has been an Soviet/Russian ally for a long period and is also a major player in the Arab Israeli Conflict , with Israel destroying what may have been a nuclear reactor in 2008. It is widely believed to be a state sponsor of terrorism. Influenced by the Arab spring, massive protests began mid-March 2011, and later escalated into an armed uprising. Protests and clashes are ongoing, and have killed more than 4,000 people. Syria is currently the target of sanctions from the United States, Turkey, Europe, and the Arab League. The Arab League suspended Syria on 16 November 2011, in response the governments
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Unformatted text preview: continued crackdown on dissent and rejection of reforms. Syria's capital, Dimashq (Damascus), is a key city in Christianity, as Paul's conversion took place on the road to it and there is a considerable Christian minority. It's also the oldest city in the world, with its foundations being continously inhabited since ~8,000BC. Produces a lot of Arab literature and soap operas. In fiction: Syria has been described as being a second-tier global bad guy, part of the "axis of not-so-evil". Syrian agents are highly likely to get involved in spying operations on the West. • The Unit has Jonas Blaine's daughter Betsy kidnapped and held in Syria by terrorists. The team ignore orders and go across from Iraq to rescue her. • In Spooks , Fiona Carter was first married to a Syrian, who she thought was hanged. He wasn't and came to the UK, where he killed her • A few levels in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception take place in a Crusades-era castle in Syria. The Syrian flag...
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Syria - continued crackdown on dissent and rejection of...

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