Thailand - Thailand Ratcha Anachak Thai (Kingdom of...

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Thailand Ratcha Anachak Thai (Kingdom of Thailand) is a country in Southeast Asia. History The history of the country dates back pretty far, and was once considered to be the location of the oldest Bronze Age culture in the world (Ban Chiang village), but radiocarbon dating found that it actually came much later.
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Thai people normally consider 1238 as the year of the country's formation, with Sukhothai as the capital, even though that there are several small kingdoms in the area before that, competing to carve out land. Thailand lost half its territory to France and Britain in the 1800s, but it was the only South or Southeast Asian country never colonized by a Western power, by China, or by Japan (or one of two South and Southeast Asian countries never colonized, if one counts Afghanistan). Thailand survived through a combination of luck and having rulers whose skills were far into Magnificent Bastard levels, playing off the British, French, Burmese, Chinese and Vietnamese off one another. Thailand was occupied by Japan in the Second World War , and became a Japanese ally — but how much the Japanese trusted their new ally can be deduced from the fact that they issued the Thais rifles of a caliber made nowhere else in the world, and never issued them more ammunition than the bare minimum necessary for the next battle. The Free Thai Movement was significantly more active than the Thai military although the difference between the two was a bit fuzzy. The Army Chief of Staff was the head of the Free Thai movement and the pipeline for escaped allied air crew was run by the Thai police. Allied personnel in Thailand were driven around in official limousines. See Bangkok - Top Secret for the gruesome details of how the Thais made the Japanese look like idiots. After the war, free of the Japanese threat, Thailand allied itself with the United States. The country was originally named "Siam;" it renamed itself to "Thailand" in 1939, "Siam" in
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Thailand - Thailand Ratcha Anachak Thai (Kingdom of...

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