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Tunisia - Tunisia Tunisia is a small country at the very...

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Tunisia Tunisia is a small country at the very north of Africa, between Libya and Algeria. Originally a part of the Ottoman Empire, it became a French protectorate (read: colony) in 1881. It became independent in 1956, declaring itself the Tunisian Republic. It was governed by the authoritarian regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and the Constitutional Democratic Rally from 1987 to 2011, when things dramatically changed. On 17 December 2010, Mohamed Bouazizi, a fruit vendor, set himself alight in front of a police station. Bouazizi had a history with the police; the police would confiscate his fruit cart, which
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he would set up again, which the police would confiscate again... you get the idea. Following his self-immolation, major protests against Ben Ali's regime erupted across Tunisia. On January 18, Ben Ali and his family fled to Saudi Arabia. The CDR was dissolved and banned, and elections to a new Constituent Assembly were scheduled for October 23. Currently, the country is going through a transitional phase from authoritarianism to democracy.
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