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Twin Cities Minneapolis and St. Paul are the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Famous for the Mall of America (in one of the suburbs). A number of Speculative Fiction authors live in or near the Twin Cities, including Neil Gaiman , Lois McMaster Bujold and Patricia C. Wrede . Many musicians also are from or got their start there, including Prince and his associates , Bob Dylan , The Replacements , Soul Asylum and Hüsker Dü. Minneapolis and St. Paul, and many of their suburbs, are known as "The Cities" by inhabitants of Minnesota and neighboring states. Minneapolis and St. Paul essentially function as one large metropolitan area, hence the name "Twin Cities". However, residents are trying to move away from this image, and promote each city separately. St. Paul is slightly smaller, and viewed as very friendly, clean, blue-collar, and family-oriented. It is the capital of Minnesota. Situated just
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Unformatted text preview: across the Mississippi River, Minneapolis is younger and trendier, and contains more of the Cities' art scene. Despite the differences, the Cities do function as one metropolitan area. Also, Minneapolis and St. Paul have some of the largest Hmong and Somali populations in the United States, but you never seem to see those on TV. Despite the Twin Cities' reputation for dowdy Midwesternness, it is the 12th largest media market, they also have the second-most theatre seats per capita of any metro area in the country, and the metro area ranks eighth on the list of metropolitan areas with the largest percentage of GLB residents (with Minneapolis itself in fourth on the list of top cities, by percent), but, again, not something you'd hear every day. North Minneapolis is considered a Place Worse Than Death . Not to be confused with Nordeast, which is much cleaner and nicer....
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