Venezuela - Venezuela Venezuela oh Venezuela Small Latin...

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Venezuela Venezuela, oh Venezuela. Small Latin American country known for its exports: Oil, Telenovelas , oil , beauty queens, presidential theatrics, oil , baseball players, cocoa, oil, sugarcane, and oil . I'm serious about those: we have very good cocoa, and rums only rivalizing with the Cuban ones. There is also a president who starts Flame Wars via his very existence. His name is Hugo Chávez . The name means "Little Venice" in Italian; it was given to the country by early explorer Amerigo Vespucci (who lent his own name to the American continents as a whole). This was a reference to the natives building settlements out on Lake Maracaibo, which reminded him of Venice. However he was not the first European to explore the country; a few years earlier Christopher Columbus himself came there and described the land effusively, comparing it to Paradise. He coined the name "Land of Grace", which remains a nickname for Venezuela. Since Venezuela was one of the less fortunates among Spain's former colonies (not having something exploitable besides coffee and cocoa), it never was truly important until a rich dude named Simon Bolivar appeared around the early 1810's and proclaimed that his small province was independent since that moment. Then he decided to take his Independence Tour for some nearby territories, until forming five countries who called him "The Liberator". Then he began a long agony, politically and physically, until he died of exhaustion and TBG in 1830. After Bolivar died, the country began a long period of caudillism, small civil wars and more caudillistic dictators until someone found Oil in the early 1900's. Then began another long period of intercalating dictatorship and democracy which culminates in the current political situation where actually no one knows how to call it. Let's say we're still in a very perverted version of
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  • Winter '09
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Venezuela - Venezuela Venezuela oh Venezuela Small Latin...

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