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Vietnamese Demography From a combined population of around 50 million in 1975, Vietnam now has almost 90 million people . To counter the high growth rate somewhat, there's a two-child-limit imposed on your family if you work for the government; exceed that and be fired. As a result, two-thirds of the population has no memory of the Vietnam War, which explains why Vietnam has moved on so easily. There are officially 54 ethnic groups that call Vietnam home, but over 80% of Vietnam's population is made up of lowland Viets, or Kinh people, so if you ever meet a Vietnamese, chances are you're meeting a Kinh. The next largest group is the Hoa, or Chinese Vietnamese. Like Chinese Malaysians and Chinese folks elsewhere in Southeast Asia, most of them are descended from people in Southern China who emigrated two or three centuries ago. Close to half of the Hoa fled Vietnam during the flare- up between Vietnam and China in 1979 to escape the violent hatred towards ethnic Chinese, but
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Unformatted text preview: many still remain till this day. For this reason, they're much better presented in overseas communities than in Vietnam itself. In Southern parts of the country they are known colloquially as "Tàu" people, short for "Ba Tàu", meaning "three-shippers" - as the tale goes, they first came here on three big ships which formed distinctive silhouettes against the horizon. Quite a lot of Hoa's take offence to this word, unless you're a Hoa yourself . There are also indigenous lowland people in the South and South-Central of Vietnam, like the Chams, an Austronesian people, and the Khmers. Their ancestors boasted prosperous Indianized kingdoms in the past, but their slow decline in the face of ever-southbound Viets has reduced them to insignificant minorities, in both influence and number....
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