Vietnamese History

Vietnamese History - Vietnamese History Dark and troubled,...

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Vietnamese History Dark and troubled , to say the least. To start it off, Vietnamese people have a creation myth involving L c Long Quân, the Dragon Lord of Lac Viet. Having battled monsters here and there , he settled down with Âu C , the ơ fairy princess of Âu Vi t. She gave birth to a sac with 100 eggs inside, which hatched into 100 children. Because of the couple's insurmountable differences, their marriage didn't work out and they had to split the family. Half the kids would follow their father to the sea where he ought to live, the rest stayed with Âu C in the dry, hilly land and founded a kingdom. ơ And thus resulted the Bách Vi t people, Văn Lang the first Viet nation and the first known divorce in Vietnamese history . Modern Vietnamese still call themselves "con r ng cháu tiên", or "children of the dragon, grandchildren of fairies''. Pretty convenient if you want to forge a common identity for a genetic goulash. Myths aside, Vietnam identifies itself with a Bronze Age culture called Đông S n, which is best ơ known for its intricate decor motifs on bronze drums. It was from this culture that the state of Văn Lang allegedly arose, and if there's any truth in the creation myth, the dragon-fairy marriage can be interpreted as an alliance of highland and lowland tribes, the seed for what would eventually become Vietnam. Văn Lang was succeeded by Âu L c, which in turn was conquered by the Eastern Han Dynasty of China in 111 BC. The following millennium saw Chinese domination over Vietnam, interspersed by rebellions. (Some of them were led by women , as expected from a matriarchal culture). But also thanks to the Hans, it's from this point onward that the history of Vietnam was at least recorded. In 938 AD, a Vietnamese Lord named Ngô Quy n finally defeated the Chinese, and reclaimed
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Vietnamese History - Vietnamese History Dark and troubled,...

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