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Section 2.9 Solid Mechanics Part III Kelly 276 2.9 Rigid Body Rotations of Configurations In this section are discussed rigid body rotations to the current and reference configurations. 2.9.1 A Rigid Body Rotation of the Current Configuration As mentioned in §2.8.1, the circumstance of two observers, moving relative to each other and examining a fixed configuration (the current configuration) is equivalent to one observer taking measurements of two different configurations, moving relative to each other 1 . The objectivity requirements of the various kinematic objects discussed in the previous section can thus also be examined by considering rigid body rotations and translations of the current configuration. Any rigid body rotation and translation of the current configuration can be expressed in the form ( ) ( ) ) ( , ) ( , * t t t t c X x Q X x + = (2.9.1) where Q is a rotation tensor. This is illustrated in Fig. 2.9.5. The current configuration is denoted by S and the rotated configuration by
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Kinematics_of_CM_09_Rigid_Body_Rotations - Section 2.9 2.9...

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