chapter 2 notes - Chapter 2 Notes (6/14/10) Variables: 1.)...

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Chapter 2 Notes (6/14/10) Variables: 1.) independent variable: variable that is manipulated in order to establish causation; must have this variable in order to demonstrate causation *Fit induscies (spelling?): what’s the statistical probability of models ex: model 1: X Y model 2: Y X model 3: X Z Y -So if model 1 isn’t very likely, you can cro ss that one out. Same for model 2. If model 3 is 60% likely, then it is the causal model. *Applied = Non-experimental approach (not as good as experimental approach); in this the IV = predictor *Experimental approach is better 2.) dependent variable: the variable you are measuring or observing *Quantitative measurement: differ in magnitude; ex: reaction time ---relationship b/t IV and DV is quantitative --directly related to the dependent variable (the DV has to be a quantitative measurement) *A qualitative measurement is something that tells us difference in kind NOT in magnitude; ex: color; brand name of shoes **But, the IV can be either quantitative or qualitative!! ex 1: 10mg 20 mg 30mg ? RT ? RT ? RT --so in ex 1, the # of mg is your IV and the RT value is the D.V.---both are quantitative ex 2: standard lecture stimulation grade on test grade on test Summary: Two types of variables—quantitative and qualitative *quantitative usually the D.V. falls under this; I.V. can too numbers that reflect magnitude (more of less of something) *qualitative often independent variables; occasionally they are dependent differs in kind categorical independent variable Other variables: 3) mediating variable X—Z—Y Ex: X is Anxiety (IV) Y is Test performance (DV)
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chapter 2 notes - Chapter 2 Notes (6/14/10) Variables: 1.)...

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