Lecture 13 - BalanceofPower(II):Concert,collapseand...

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Balance of Power (II): Concert, collapse and  Collective Security 00:40 Britain as balancer: Naval power, capable of supporting other states resisting encroachment of universal monarch/hegemon Naval power weak in being able to conquer or occupy territory “Peripheral strategy” Achieve naval dominance Engage in a blockade power of sea power with regard to commerce is being exploited Fund allies Steal colonies of adversarial states 7 years war, French and Indian wars Invade extremities Peninsular Campaign, Wellington Balancer state becomes extra-regional hegemon Is the united states the balancer state of the system? Can support states, not such a strong threat to states China: Before China can become a global aspirant for hegemony, must dominate its own region Much more difficult for them than it was for us in North ±merica Surrounded by Russia, Japan, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, all will be threatened by any major Chinese rise, insurmountable barriers to regional hegemony I. Concert
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1815-1854 decline (Crimean War) 1871 Franco-Prussian War 1914 WWI completely gone a. Features (4) Anarchy, Balance of Power, but very harmonious 1. Very little balancing 2. Congresses Meetings in which there was extensive consultation 3. Conflict resolution Elements of mediation 3 rd power would help settle dispute between 2 powers Arbitration: binding mediation, would abide by what 3 rd party decides b. Explanation (4) Why? 1. Memory of Napoleonic wars
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Lecture 13 - BalanceofPower(II):Concert,collapseand...

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