Outline - Lean Market Introduction Panera Bread is a...

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I. Introduction to Company a. Location b. Transportation II. Mission/Vision III. Leadership a. Management Structure b. Organizational Structure c. International Operation c.i. Global Mgmt/ Globalization c.ii. Sourcing Outsourcing IV. Strategic Goals a. Short Term/ Long Term b. tie goals to strategic planning and mgmt structure c. Porter’s Five Forces V. Value Adding Chain a. Economies of Scale VI. Control VII. Inputs VIII. Process a. TQM- 3.5 Million… Six Sigma IX. Outputs X. Corporate Strategy a. B2B XI. Business Level Strategy a. B2C or P2P2P XII. Functional Level Strategies (UFO) a. Purchase b. b.i. Innovation b.ii. Environment c. Product c.i. Life Cycle c.ii. Turnover c.iii. Productivity Growth c.iv. Cycle Time Efficiency d. Promise XIII. Tactical Controls a. Culture XIV. Operational Procedures XV. Performance Measurements a. Social, Ethical, Environmental a.i. Sustainability- Economic and environment a.ii. Ethical a.iii.
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Unformatted text preview: Lean Market Introduction Panera Bread is a well-established, high end fast food chain restaurant all over the U.S.A. The company was started in the year 1981 by two men, Louis Kane and Ron Shaich. At first, they named the company Au Bon Pain Co., however over the years it emerged as Panera Bread Inc. To this day, Panera Bread has 1,504 bakery-cafes across 40 states. It recently opened a bakery-café in Ontario, Canada. The company’s headquarters is currently located in St. Louis, Montana. Panera’s ideology is to provide customers with a variety of fresh products every day. Panera Bread is a growing company and strives to develop an eco-friendly environment and to expand internationally. 1. marketing in the zone 2. staying flexible 3. Bringing it Home 4. Trusting the customer...
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Outline - Lean Market Introduction Panera Bread is a...

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