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Week4-1_10 - payment which is not tied to invoices such as...

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Week 4: Lecture 1 : Database, logical data models, relational models, primary keys, foreign keys, mapping cardinalities Lecture 2 : Convert ERD into relational models: conversion rules Example 1 : Create Relational Model for Classes, instructors, and students Lecture 3 : Create Relational Model: handling associative entities, recursive relationships, and weak entities. Example 2 : Convert the ERD involving courses, perquisites, classes, instructors, and students, and enrollment into a relational model. Example 3 : Create a relational model to capture data on customers, invoices, payments. Where do you keep data on whether a payment is late or not? How do you allow a
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Unformatted text preview: payment which is not tied to invoices such as a prepayment? Homework: a. Reading : i. Lecture Note 4 (Chapter 6) ii. Chapter 6 of Mannino b. Design : 1. The following tables were converted from an ERD that has been lost (underlined fields indicate the primary key). Please recover the ERD based on all the information given: Par t: PartNo , Description, Quantity, UnitPrice Bi n: BINNO , Capacity, Location, PartNo Departmen t: Name , Phone, Contact, Account, Balance Supplie r: Name , Address, City, State, Zip, Phone SPL_Par t: FK_Name, FK_Partno Dept_Par t: Department, Part 2. Convert the following ERD into a relational model:...
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