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memo- erp 3 - claims department take care of it If the...

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March 28, 2011 Memo Hello Sir, I am greatly honored to help you with the company to work and run effectively and efficiently. I just want to point out one of the processes I came across while I was helping the claims and returns department. It is taking them longer than the usual to process the customer’s information and resending the package to the warehouse and the customer either getting their replacement or money back. It would be a better option if some of the roles being taken by one of the departments it would cut back the time and we will receive customer satisfaction. For example, if the shipping & receiving department can inspect the product and they see there is a defective, they can send the claim directly to the accountings department rather than letting the
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Unformatted text preview: claims department take care of it. If the product is not defective and the customer wants a replacement they can send a new one right away, which would cut down the cycle time. Also, when the shipping and receiving department get the package and authorize whether the package is valid or not should be completely removed or that process should be handed over to the customer service. We are accepting or rejecting the product twice and it is waste of money and time. So, these are some of the reengineering of the processes that I wanted to notify you and hopefully it works out well for the company. Thank You Sincerely, Divya Vardha...
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