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BLAW 3367 1/24/12 Extra credit What are your own biases? In class the subject of bias was brought up and when professor Pattison shared some of her own biases with the class that made me realize that we all may have our own biases whether they are conscious or subconscious. These preconceived notions that we have of people different than us are often untrue and can show how one-sided that we can be as a society sometimes. Some biases that I have had or that I was exposed to are sometimes hard to even conceive being possible, but at one time in America they weren’t just possible, they were very prevalent. Some biases that are not necessarily my own, but I have been made aware of are the difference between genders. Males tend to think that females are less capable of certain things, such as sports, home repairs, automobile repairs, and pretty much any kind of physical labor. This is why the ratings for things such as WNBA are considerably lower than those of the NBA. This also works in reverse.
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