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Unformatted text preview: The Lock ­and ­Key Ac0on of Enzymes in the Catabolism of Compounds •  Enzymes control the rate of free energy release from substrates •  Enzyme names end with the suffix -ase ATP 1 ATP Is Generated Through 3 Energy Systems •  ATP ­PCr System: •  Glycoly0c System: •  Oxida0ve System: ATP ­PCr System: Overview •  Cells store small amounts of… •  ATP can be resynthesized by… •  1 mole of ATP is produced per _____ mole of PCr •  ATP and PCr sustain the muscle’s energy needs for _______ sec during an all ­out sprint 2 ATP ­Phosphocrea0ne System ATP ­PCr Although ATP is being used at a very high rate, the energy from PCr is used to resynthesize ATP, preventing the ATP level from decreasing. At exhaustion, both ATP and PCr concentrations are low. 3 Summary of ATP ­PCr Energy System •  Produces ATP at the… •  Produces ATP for the… •  Is the predominant energy system during the transi0on from: •  Is the predominant energy system during: 4 ...
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