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Nutrition and Performance Review Sheet Reading Assignment: Students should read pp. 328-353 (Nutrition and Sport through Protein Intake and Performance) and refer to lecture notes when completing this review. Section 1: Definitions Students should be able to define the following terms (Where appropriate, include illustrations and/or a description of what conditions, hormones, and enzymes engage the given process): 1. Glycogen Synthase 2. Glycemic Index 3. High Glycemic Foods 4. Low Glycemic Foods 5. Insulin 6. Glucagon 7. Hyponatremia Section 2: Short Answers 8. Use Figure 14.9 to help you explain the relationship between carbohydrate intake and performance. Be sure to elaborate on performance (How does carbohydrate intake affect performance? Does it affect time to exhaustion and/or speed? What kinds of performances does it affect?) 9. Predict how a sprint athlete will perform in a 200-meter race following 3 days of eating a low carbohydrate diet and explain why low carbohydrate intake impacts anaerobic-type performance. 10.
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10b_Nut_Perf_Review_Sheet - Nutrition and Performance...

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